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GAPA Calls For Government Intervention

Apr 8, 2017

The Ghana Association of Persons living with Albinism (GAPA) has organized a press conference to sensitize the general public on the plight of Albinos in the country.

Mr. Alhassan Ibrahim the vice president of the Albinos Community lamented some of the atrocities the albinos have suffered over the years. Mr. Ibrahim cited the banishment of Albinos in Bukuruwa, a town in the Eastern Region. “We are human just like anyone and deserve to live. Albinos are allegedly outcast in Abene, a community in the Eastern Region and also not welcomed in Kane a town in the Upper West Region.”

Mr. Alhassan reiterated the need for the Albinos to be protected before the situation escalates as in Tanzania where Albinos are killed for spiritual reasons. The Association used the occasion to register its disappointment in the government of Ghana for not doing anything about the Bukuruwa issue, even though, the circumstances has received media attention. SOAG is therefore calling on His Excellency J.E.A Mills the President of the Republic of Ghana and other stakeholders to help find a lasting solution to the Albinos problem.