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Contrary to the perception of many persons with disabilities (PWDs), the administrator of the District Assembly Common Fund, Mr Joshua Magnus Nicol, has pointed out that the 2 percent allocation disability component of the fund is meant for disability groups and not for individual purposes.

According to Mr Nicol reports from the various districts indicated that individual persons with disabilities (PWDs) have been mounting pressure on the various assemblies for the release of the money.

The administrator stressed that the law governing the fund obligated his office to release the grant to the district assemblies for onward release to the GFD, upon presentation of a proposal on the projects the federation has for its members. Mr Nicol further noted that he has not yet received any official complaint from members of the GFD, maintaining that he only got to know of the agitations from the media. He encouraged members of the GFD to contact his office for clarification and further discussion on the issue.

Mr Nicol noted further that at a meeting with representatives from the Ministry of local Government, the GFD and the Institute of the Local Government Studies, it was agreed that the GFD will work with the district assemblies to organize persons with disability into groups to facilitate their accessibility to the fund.

“It was suggested to the GFD to appoint 3 representatives to work with the social services committee in each district to champion their interest”, said Mr Nicol. He further explained that at the said meeting it was also agreed that the groups submit their proposals to the district assemblies through the social services committees.

The District Assembly Common Fund was introduced to augment the internally generated funds of the assemblies to sustain development at the local level. However, in several district there have been tensions between PWDs and the assemblies over the disbursement of the fund.

Source: Daily Graphic